The 1st #chaos_online + other good news

Submitted by phaenomen on Sun, 04/12/2020 - 20:31


happy new year! To be honest, somehow, the year starts with Eastern for me. I don't know if it relates to Jesus or the celebration of growth and development in nature, but I like it. This year, I especially enjoyed the first, so called 'online-chaos' - a digitized hacker event of the Chaos Computer Club (a German organization dedicated to shed lights on tricks, trips, and fails of digital technologies since the 80ies), that used to take place as THE 'Easterhegg', for years.

Well, we tested distributed discussion and organization via divers tools - and discovered many bugs (among them: the missing recording of my two contributions: Solidarity Is a Weapon - for having it tested first, I am happy with that). Therefore, I hope for a regularly online chaos, now - at least as long as the Covid19-chaos gives its company to us. Especially, because there are very good news outside, now:

- Spain wants to introduce a basic income (and yes, I think, it should serve a basic provision),

- Portugal gives more rights to its migrants to help them in terms of health and social care,

- the UN security council has started discussion on a global cease-fire.

Wall embedding the Berlin minor stream "Panke" with graffity saying: "Solidarity Is A Weapon", taken by Julia Krueger 9th of April 2020

I am sorry 4 German-speaking links, but busy with preparing my work area 4 a better future - because I seriously hope that these good news won't be last ones. It's not only me considering further reforms in the area of copyrights and further developments in the area of smart politics (outlined in the last blog post) more reasonable, now - with further interest of developers, tnx 1000 x - but good news (and good music) all the day long given by the regional radioeins, es well. Hence, I hope you gonna stay healthy and confident!

Sincerely yours


PS: good hints for short workouts: love!

PPS: A very good - pop culture inspired - read on why THIS apocalypse is much better than everything that was ever expected was published by Laurie Penny on Wired.   

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