Update CW 40***

Submitted by phaenomen on Sun, 09/27/2020 - 22:53

Dear friends, fellows, and supporters,

pls excuse the late update. It's been a couple of rough weeks, including

- myself re-organizing life according to current needs, because of

- observing severe economic challenges for my generation, tnx to Corona (in that it forces us to re-organize things in a sustainable manner which must include social justice, at the same time, positive pressure to my project),

- experiencing incredible support from many sides.

Thx 4 this [in individual contacts step-by-step]! But it is quite late in Berlin, right now. Therefore, let me summarize only the most pressing issues [that might shed light upon the developments in-between]:

- I am looking for nerd contacts in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines for the prototype-development of my project "Smart Democratic Governance" [questions on data access, tech use, digital literacy, civil society or local alternatives],

- I am looking for further approaches linked to "security without surveillance" [concept, experiences, best practices etc.],

- I am looking for more open, transparent, and cooperative tools supporting "my office": being in love with CCC chats, pads, and more, I do especially miss tools for budget stuff and overall orga, all hints welcome. Any questions or hints are welcome.

Apart from this, I started counselling about AI (data analysis and platform tech options) and IT security stuff (and potential variations) in the area of immigration, social issues, and psychology (first presentation, text summary is about to follow due).

And I have to highlight the transformative developments of Berlin's Club Culture, namely expressed by "United We Stream" - more and other info and recommendations will follow due, as well, and Berlin's Art Scene, developing with a new vibration in combining theory and reality on behalf of people and communities, based-upon comprehensive visions of change and survival, you might observe e.g. in savvy - with valuable literature in place!].

Take care!





last time, I promised the texts for advocacy in different matters of girls + artificial intelligence and in the digital transformation - or rather do's and don'ts - in the support of people in areas like immigration, social security, or psychology. None of my texts attempts to be exhaustive, but rather sketch new perspectives: Anyway, here you are with the Inclusive Approach towards Tech Developments and the Tech Approach towards Inclusive Society.


aber um ganz ehrlich zu sein: ich kann die Texte über mein Smart-Phone auch nicht abrufen. Soweit ich informiert bin, geht es, wenn man als Nutzende_r eingeloggt ist. Aber schlauer werde ich auch aus den Drupal Foren zum Thema Medien veröffentlichen nicht (das Problem legt wahrscheinlich an dem Mangel eines eigenen Servers/ Strato - kann man nur mit mehr Geld beheben) - ich schicke die Texte aber auch gern per Mail nach Info an: research@juliakrueger.org; juliak@netzpolitik.org oder krueger.julia@protonmail.com (am besten immer 2 aus 3 - dann kommt 1 an ...). Mit besten Wünschen, JK aka @phaenomen

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