Update: fair_politics

Submitted by phaenomen on Wed, 05/13/2020 - 21:06

Dear friends,

it's a rough time throwing any plans at once (or: postponing things to an uncertain future) .

In between, there is not many interesting corona news you need to consider, but some stuff in terms of corona + sex and corona + skin/ psychology (if you don't know you might get upset].

But, I managed two things, in terms of #fair_politics: I managed to put down a potential workflow , and I managed to get a vision/ an option how to publish details on behalf of attracting developers and sponsors without patents.

Now, the problems are twofold: where to publish those ideas - 'course the only *prior art database* is offered by Google, Cisco and MIT, right now. I'd love to have my project led by civil society, as a formal one, but including to pay staff.

The problem is double: for a) the technical workflow (supported by political science/ law basics), and b) a short-story, inspired by a SRE of shopify: how would your world look like if friends you helped to build that one? [tech love 1000k]

If you have any ideas, please give me a call: 0049-174-798 3660

Sincerely yours





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