Open questions

Hi, usually, I have more questions than answers, some small ones, some comprehensive ones. As I know that other people are regularly looking for interesting issues, whether for academic or other reasons, I gonna start collecting them here. Maybe, with further notes on methods or resources. Any questions or collaboration welcome. I don't assume anyone to be able to answer the issues, yet, but maybe you know somebody who could help or might even be interested in. Tnx for letting me know ...!

Hot issues/ daily politics:

  1. How did plagues or pandemic diseases interact with the development of social structures, norms, or institutions, especially: ideas, methods, and bodies related to surveillance/ state control; with what kind of effect (ideally with regard to the medical problem/ its solution)? Special emphasis might be given to: updating Foucault ('Ueberwachen und Strafen'), the development of technology/ AI, governance schemes in comparison - interesting vision on Covid-19, governance and AI (platform tech) by Benjamin A Bratton
  2. What kind of data do Covid19-Tests collect and analyze and transfer? (question inspired by reading about the future use of gene data).
  3. Where is which kind of medication and how a) legally secured (patents), b) produced, c) distributed?


1. Online Conference Tools: a) why to conference tools like Zoom or MS Teams require the installation of software? b) since I installed MS Teams (for the cooperation with others/ 3rd parties), my computer (Lenovo X1 Carbon with Linux Mint) does regularly switch from speaking German and English (as I installed) to speaking only Finnish, Chinese, or minor Asian languages. Why is that, what does MS Teams do in my PC, whom to contact for the problem?