Sex, gender + AI

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this i not a common post. It's an alert | info 4 publishers.

I was asked to do an article for a Swiss girl's magazine about gender and AI. And what should I tell you: It's nearly done. But my problem is: Due to some weird IT-security-staff, I can't access related e-mails; I don't know where to send it to. So, if one has an idea about which sexy girl's mag from Switzerland run by volunteers planned a special issue an tech + AI, please let me know:

The 1st #chaos_online + other good news

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happy new year! To be honest, somehow, the year starts with Eastern for me. I don't know if it relates to Jesus or the celebration of growth and development in nature, but I like it. This year, I especially enjoyed the first, so called 'online-chaos' - a digitized hacker event of the Chaos Computer Club (a German organization dedicated to shed lights on tricks, trips, and fails of digital technologies since the 80ies), that used to take place as THE 'Easterhegg', for years.

Dreaming of a post-Corona world

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I haven't written for long, due to a personal reset in the context of the rise of the Corona-Virus, creating chaos, insecurity, and a vast return to methods of restrictions (e.g. closed borders) and surveillance (e.g. the attempt to track infections by the analysis of telecommunication data). I am not an expert in immunology, but a couple of questions and ideas started to move me, daily now, and I will start collecting them here:

1. Why do we close borders when the virus obviously crossed all, by now?

Human Security in The Context of AI + Climate Change

Submitted by phaenomen on Sun, 02/16/2020 - 23:18

Summarized my knowledge on data analyses and platform technologies to draft novel security conceptions, including:


  1. intro to data analyses, platform technologies + artificial intelligence (AI) covering basics, challenges, and the status-quo of knowledge in the tech development
  2. security conceptions, general
  3. introduction of the ECO-score

Please access, whether

IT security desaster DE 12/19 - collection of details

Submitted by phaenomen on Sat, 12/21/2019 - 10:51

Nach einer Reihe kritischer IT-Sicherheitsvorfälle in deutschen Städten und Infrastrukturen entstand auf Twitter die Idee, Details zu sammeln:


vielleicht irgendwas mit aktiver sammlung oder so?

schöne theorie: