Julia Krueger is a political scientist (Diplom Universität Potsdam/ King's College London 2012) focused on the development of democratic government, research, and advocacy. Her expertise covers: artificial intelligence (data-analysis and platform technologies), data politics, copyrights, IT-security, and network architectures. Starting point and continuous challenge: content management. I always combine in-depth insights from tech, law, and politics to understand specific cases, give recommendations, or plan technology development/ design which I acquired in studies and work experience. Having worked on a variety of issues in digital rights and security for a variety of stakeholder (e.g. netzpolitik.org, Bertelsmann Foundation, Deutscher Bundestag), I do focus now on the development of an independent project called "Smart Democratic Governance". Its realization supported democratic governance with data analysis and platform technologies on various political level, first (background of development), and the re-coordination of a sustainable, new economy, second (open, transparent, cooperative innovation management in practice). More info on this might be accesses by considering the concept (prior-art, CC-licensed non-commercial) or short-story illustrating a potential future in which the technology was developed. Apart from this, I am happy to share insights and give recommendations on all topics mentioned above, incl. their change/ changed challenges due to the development of artificial intelligence (data analysis and platform tech), and I especially welcome requests related to concrete cases/ challenges of its application.

Information on data collection, transfer, processing, storage + security as provided by the General Data Protection Regulation (under EU laws) - are to be provided as soon as possible (still waiting for the info of providers; I personally do not track anything related to your personal data or communication habits).

In case of any questions or requests, please submit to: research@juliakrueger.org. I do answer all requests, the lack of answer might be due to IT security issues which I cannot change. In the latter case, please contact juliak@netzpolitik.org and krueger.julia@protonmail.com, as well.

You might find further information below. For the following picture, please note: Julia Krueger 1 by M. Beckedahl, July 2020.

Julia Krueger by Markus Beckedahl, Presse 1/ Juli 2020


The website is still under construction, with open questions regarding data protection under EU laws. I personally do not collect any private user data, but I am still waiting for the info of my service and software providers. In case of any problems or requests, please write to: Julia Krueger, Postfach 4 03 06, 10062 Berlin GERMANY.

Thanks and all the best!


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